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Prepare to be stunned by our exceptional and quite spectacular Behind the Scenes experience! Hanan stepped behind the scenes to experience Cirque du Soleil like never before. Be amongst the few to take a backstage tour and witness the excitement!!! Check out the images and video to see more            

In this week’s episode of iShoma baa Samy, he talks about Ethical Hacker. Like everyone else on this planet, hackers differ from one another. No, I don’t’ mean how they look or how they do their thing – but their intentions. There are some who try and hack little vulnerabilities in major websites and then […]

Team Radio Shoma 93.4 Experience Amazing at Dubai Parks and Resorts.

Dubai-based trainer Farhad shares a secret to making a perfect cup of coffee.

UAE is also renowned as a top class entertainment hub, offering some fine indoor and outdoor entertainment for young and adults alike.


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