Samy is the Production Manager and the Presenter on the i Shoma baa Samy Game O Tech on Radio Shoma 93.4. He is a creative type who likes to keep up to date with the latest music, gadgets and trends.

Samy grew up in Brisbane Australia, where he had involved himself with a local multicultural radio station back in 1996 – and as the years passed, he grew to love the medium. He is a talented musician/singer who has had performances in many parts of the world. Settling in the UAE, Samy joined Radio Shoma after he had completed his Bachelor Degree in Audio Production from the SAE Dubai. He is passionate about Radio Shoma and loves to bring the latest entertainment news to his audience every Friday night. During his show, considering that his listeners may be on their way out, he will keep them up dated as to “what is happing around the town”.

Samy loves video games – in fact he has a vast collection of video game consoles from the 1980s onwards. He has once travelled to Tokyo, Japan just to see Akihabara (Tokyo’s video games capital). He likes NBA, comic books, retro TV shows, cartoons, commercials, infomercials….etc – In short he is a big fan of Pop culture. Fittingly his favorite motto is straight from a 1980s Nintendo commercial, which says “You don’t stop playing because you get old, but you could get old if you stop playing”.

IF I WASN’T WORKIN’ AT RADIO SHOMA 93.4 I’D BE…A video game tester!

MY FAVORITE CELEBRITY ARE…Nolan Bushnell, Conway Twitty and Matt Groening

THE FARSI SONG THAT BEST DESCRIBES ME IS…Bi sarzamin tar az bad – Siavash Ghomeishi

I HAVE A FEAR/PHOBIA OF…Snakes of course

A BEAUTIFUL DAY FOR ME WOULD BE…When I setup my burger shop somewhere in Coffs Harbor, Australia.

I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW I COULD…Sprint really fast.

MY FAVORITE MOVIE IS…Saturday Night Fever, Space Jam and generally all Steve Martin Movies,

MY FAVORITE PLACE IN DUBAI IS…MOE, in a cafe overlooking Ski Dubai.



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