Top 10 YouTube Videos in MENA in 2015

Comedy shows and celebrities come up top in YouTube’s most popular videos in the Middle East and North Africa.

The Top 10 for 2015 includes moments from big names like Bader Saleh, Shady Srour and Hayla Ghazal.

Watch-time on YouTube has increased by over 80% in the region in the last year – the fastest rate seen in two years.

Collectively the ten videos have attracted hundreds of millions of views.

Watch the Top 10 below:

Pilot by Danyah Cartoon (10.33 million views)

Pharaoh by Masameer (5.58 million views)

The Neighbours by Iftah Ya Simsim (6.99 million views)

Mother’s Day / Mother feast by Shady Srour (4.09 million views)

Spam By Eysh Elly (2.89 million views)

Temsa7ly / Alratbah Alchilalah by Temsa7 (2.15 million views)

Free kick by Sa7i (1.85 million views)

Apri my conscience by SceenTV (1.80 million views)

Morning Routine for school By Hayla TV (1.47 million views)

Bean Boozled Challenge / Sweetness alone is exempt by D7oomy999 (1.78 million views)


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