Yummymia | Sultan Baba Iskender Restaurant

Hannan and Mojtaba, the presenters of Sobh e Shoma baa Hannan O Mojtaba recently dined at Sultan Baba Iskender Restaurant, Um Suqaim Road, Dubai

Sultan Baba Iskender Restaurant is a great place that serves fantastic Turkish foods! They are a specialist in cooking Iskandar Kebab. The restaurant provides you the best set of chairs and tables for either lunch or dinner. The interior design will transfer you to turkey with traditional pictures on the wall and one mini-market full of Turkish spices products. The restaurant is located in um suqaim next to Burj Al Arab. Moreover, The restaurant has an outdoor place to sit and enjoy with kids area.

So, how was the food?

Yummy! They started with an appetizer plate including Hommos, Harsa, Ezmeh, Green beans, and Heydary. The most interested Mezza was, spicy ezmeh.
They tried Iskandar Kebab and Sultan baba Kebab as the main course. The Iskandar Kebab was a delicious Turkish meat and Sultan baba Kebab was a mix of special beef and chicken with yogurt. The chose yogurt drink after their eating.

Recommended dessert: Ezmeh and Iskandar Kebab
Hannan’s choice: Harsa
Mojtaba’s choice: Iskandar Kebab
Price: the average is 120 Dhs per person.
Location: Um Suqaim, before Box Park, Dubai
Parking: Valet Park


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