Hannan and Mojtaba, the presenters of Sobh e Shoma baa Hannan O Mojtaba recently dined at LAYALI AL BORZ, Al Wasl Road, Dubai

Layali Al Borz is a great place that serves fantastic serves Arabic, Iranian, and  Indian foods! They are a specialist in catering and you can use their service in case of having any party and gathering. The restaurant provides you the best set of chairs and tables for either lunch or dinner. The restaurant is located in heart of Dubai, Al Wasl next to the Box Park, under the Al Asvaq building. The restaurant has an outdoor place to sit and enjoy the weather, especially in this season.

So, how was the food?

Yummy! They started with an appetizer, Hommos, Taboula, Motabbal, and special salad.
The drinks were awesome. Orange and lemon meant. Hannan and Mojtaba had some kababs as the main course: Kabab Goosht Masti, Morgh Masti and Koobideh, fish kabab and shrimp kabab. Moreover, they had 3 different rises: Zereshk Polo, Baghali Polo, and Polo saffron. At the end, they had a cup of tea with medium sugar.
Recommended dessert: Faaloodeh with Lemon and Nutella Crepe
Hannan’s choice: She really liked Koobideh with Zereshk Polo.
Mojtaba’s choice: His favorite was Goost Masti.
 Price: the average is 100 Dhs per person. If you want catering, it is 75 to 130 Dhs per person.
Location: Al Wasl, before Box Park, Dubai
Parking: Free





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